PRYYA means “beloved”…love is, thus, our everyday—our beginning, our journey and our destination. 

Yet, our LOVE is different and inimitable. Our love breaks all rules. We dare to step out and try new techniques—we create, invent and originate. We are into differences and something unnoticed. We are forever young and fun. This is what PRYYA portrays and nobody can ever impersonate. 

PRYYA High Jewellery is, therefore, full of ideas and outstanding with the perfect harmony of difference and the impeccable balance of fun, audacity and swank. We are the LOVE attached to you all day, everyday. 

Each of PRYYA’s creations is a piece of art that shines different with its own value and spirit. Every single little detail counts at PRYYA; from cutting, selection of shapes and sizes, placement and setting or even the back including movement and flexibility when wearing. All refines from experience and time PRYYA has earned and invested in. 

The Heroine Collection

The Heroine Necklace
The Heroine Earrings

Love is Knotting Collection